Hi there and welcome to my (remedial) website.

Dappled Designs is the name I use for the websites I create and host for people, but I never got around to creating a website for that service. Ironic, huh?! HA!
I’ll use the domain as a place holder for picture sharing and other fun stuff.

I threw this site together quickly as a place for people to find their photos that I have taken of them. I attend disc golf events with my husband, Gary, and take pictures while out there with him and needed a better way to get these pictures to you!

I love when I go to events and get wonderful pictures of me and my horses afterwards.
Although usually pretty pricey, they are worth it (to me)!

The pictures I take of you are free to you for your Facebook or for framing, as I do it because I like to, because I like to be out on the course with Gary, and because I know you probably like getting pictures of yourself as well!

I am not opposed, however, to small Donations to help fund the Hosting Fees for the site, the Domain Fees, the Hours of Editing and uploading, etc...

If I receive more donations than I need to cover my costs,
extra will be donated to where Gary and I have monthly standing donations:
CANTER New England (a non-profit for Rescuing and Recycling Racehorses) and
The Pat Brody Cat Shelter of Lunenburg, MA.